Slow tourism in France invites travellers to disconnect from everyday stress, enjoy every moment and discover beauty in an authentic way. From medieval villages steeped in history, to breathtaking mountain and coastal landscapes, to a wealth of culture and culinary delights, France is a perfect breeding ground for this approach to travel.

Whether your customers are attracted by the pleasures of the table, art and architecture or unspoilt nature, slow tourism offers them the chance to fully immerse themselves in the charm and authenticity of this country. Guided by the gentle rhythm of slow tourism in France, they will discover a new way of travelling, where every step counts and every moment becomes precious.

Our slow tourism experts

DMC Val de Loire Tourisme

Our agency specializes in Loire Valley holidays for individuals. Our approach is family-oriented and friendly, with the aim of enhancing the value of the region…
Visit the Château de Fontainebleau and the Paris region with Rendez-vous Fontainebleau

DMC Rendez-Vous Fontainebleau

Rendez-vous Fontainebleau organise leisure breaks and business trips for individuals and groups to Paris and its region, The agency orchestrate the overall organisation of your…

DMC Racines Voyages

Today’s tourism can meet new human and societal aspirations, and “back to basics” trips-genealogical tourism-are among those. Visiting France means traveling to the land of…

DMC My Private French Travel

We design unique stays and experience in the region of Bordeaux, with a focus on the wines and Grand Crus of Bordeaux and its craftsmanship….
Luxury French DMC in Western france to discover the Loire Valley

DMC Loire Secrets

The Loire Valley has forever been Karine’s favored playground. She took her first steps on the Loire River’s sandbanks and grew up between the best…

DMC HDE Voyages

HDE Voyages is the DMC for Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. It has a branch in St. John’s, Newfoundland and offers trips to both destinations.
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Examples of slow tourism offers

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