Champagne – Ardennes

It is THE vineyard in the world. And it is also a region rich in historical sites and dedicated to the preservation of nature. Its landscapes are imbued with serenity despite the scars of the Great War. From the Gothic Cathedral of Reims to the medieval heart of Troyes, via the Regional Natural Park of the Ardennes or the animal reserve of the Orient Forest, enjoy at your own pace, a real taste of France with a glass of Champagne made by the winemaker you have just met.

Our Champagne – Ardennes experts

DMC Decanter Tours

Decanter Tours specializes in custom-made wine tours for passionate wine enthusiasts.  Our expertise goes well beyond Bordeaux to encompass other prestigious French wine regions such…
Septentrion tours

DMC Septentrion Tours

100% tailored in Northern France. For small committees or large crews, an adventure by Septentrion Tours is the opportunity to enjoy French Northerners and…

DMC Finding France

Finding France provides transformative experiences through authentic encounters, uncovering the hidden depths of French expertise and heritage.


Travel expert for trips and experiences, we organize tailor-made stays, offer personalized service and programs for each season in the regions of Occitania, Provence, Catalonia…

DMC AlsaSmarTours

ALSASMARTOURS is an agency that offers its customers intimate tours of Alsace. Our vision is the antithesis of mass tourism, and our partners are local…

DMC L’Échappée Bière

L’Echappée Bière is an incoming agency specializing in brewery tourism. The program includes much more than just beer: nature, with cycling, river cruises and hiking

Examples of offers for Champagne – Ardennes

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