Bordered by the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, this island is often referred to as a “mountain in the sea”. Corsica is an ideal place for outdoor adventures and offers a wide range of water and land activities.

With a total distance of 1,000 km, the Corsican coastline is the most varied of the French coasts, while the interior has mountains of wild beauty that hikers, cyclists, or experienced bikers challenge with pleasure. Corsica has a long wine-making heritage, and you will most certainly appreciate the many and very distinct grape varieties.

Our Corsica experts

Discover Corsica with the DMC Europe Active and its professional team of travel enthusiasts.

DMC Europe Active

Europe Active is above all a professional team of travel enthusiasts. Founded in 2005, this incoming tour operator specializes in active holidays. Walking, cycling, motorcycling…

DMC Cors’Alpha Touring

Cors’Alpha Touring is a DMC travel & incoming agency based in Corsica. A small, dynamic structure on a human scale, we can tailor-make all your…

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