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Cognac & Charente Valley

Located just 1h30 north of Bordeaux, Cognac and the Charente valley welcome any traveler in search of slow tourism. Here are made the famous Charentaises, traditional shoes with very French charm. Here we give time to time with multiple sensory experiences off the beaten track. Cognac is both a city, and the name of the famous spirit from one of the largest white wine vineyards in the world. The local gastronomy imbued with terroir will stimulate your taste buds to delight your stay.

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DMC XO madame

As a designer of experiences in the wine & spirits hospitality sector, we are here to help you organize visits and events in the vineyards…
Découvrir le cognac avec Cognac Tasting Tour

DMC Cognac Tasting Tour

Live the passion of the women and men who develop and raise Cognac in an exceptional terroir, also rich in history and gastronomy, in Charentes. With…

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