You are a Tourism professional (TO, outgoing travel agency), your access allows you to discover offers presented on our marketplace by type of customers.

The majority of FIT and Group offers are priced with the periods of availability.

MICE offers are indicative. Contact the DMCs which produce them for an adaptation to your request.

FIT offers

The FIT offers are intended for individuals or very small groups, from 1 person to 7 people with a maximum of 5 rooms.

Groups offers

These offers are intended for groups of more than 7 people or requiring more than 5 rooms.

GRI offers are intended for Groups made up of Regrouped Individuals. The realization of these products is linked to a minimum number of participants.

MICE offers

MICE offers correspond to the organization of professional events such as seminars, meetings, “Incentive” days, conferences, exhibitions, etc.

They are intended for groups requiring a minimum of 5 bedrooms.