Overseas Territories

Discover the French Overseas Territories and Departments, exotic and fascinating destinations that invite you to live unique experiences. Immerse yourself in the rich and diverse culture of these remote regions away the metropolis. Let yourself be seduced by the magnificent white sand beaches bordered by turquoise waters in the West Indies, the wild and preserved landscapes of French Polynesia, or the incredible biodiversity of French Guiana.

Discover Creole culture, colonial history, and local customs. Enjoy the tasty cuisine mixing French, African, Asian and Indian influences. Between adventures in the middle of nature, idleness on paradisiacal islands, and warm encounters with the locals, the Overseas Territories and Departments offer unforgettable memories.

Our Overseas Territories experts

DMC Carefree Caribbean

Carefree Caribbean is located in the heart of the Caribbean. Carefree Caribbean creator of stays in Martinique accompanies you to carry out our travel plans….

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