Bordeaux, with its Cité du Vin, its many historical or modern sites and monuments, will seduce you with its art of living, its history and its dynamism

Bordeaux & Vineyards

Discovering the Bordeaux region is a real immersion in its vineyard with world-famous appellations. Also visit the incredible city of wine which reveals the ancestral know-how of these much-appreciated nectars.

On the banks of the Gironde, Bordeaux welcomes you for a gourmet temptation, an intensive shopping program, a strolling mood in its pedestrian streets and colorful markets. The city of Bordeaux promises each visitor a tailor-made overview.

Our Bordeaux & Vineyards experts

DMC Decanter Tours

Decanter Tours specializes in custom-made wine tours for passionate wine enthusiasts.  Our expertise goes well beyond Bordeaux to encompass other prestigious French wine regions such…

DMC My Private French Travel

We design unique stays and experience in the region of Bordeaux, with a focus on the wines and Grand Crus of Bordeaux and its craftsmanship….

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