Go Côté Saône
Incoming travel agency in South Burgundy
Go Côté Saône
Incoming travel agency in South Burgundy
Go Côté Saône
Incoming travel agency in South Burgundy
Go Côté Saône
Incoming travel agency in South Burgundy

DMC Go Côté Saône

Go Côté Saône is a family-run incoming travel agency based in South Burgundy and covering the area between Dijon and Lyon.
We particularly enjoy “slow tourism”, “wine tourism” and “gastronomy”.

We work with cruise-ship companies operating on the Saône and Rhône, travel agents, tour operators and for private individuals or groups.



The main activity of the agency is to manage the land excursions of international cruise companies. Historical tours, wine tours to wine estates and commented wine tastings, interpretation of landscapes, gastronomic tours all feature in our repertoire. These excursions are often offered by coach but are also available using our Volkswagen Caravelle 9 place minivan. The world is changing, travellers enjoy the freedom of visiting in small groups and we have been able to adapt to meet this demand.


When you say Burgundy you mean WINE ?
Let us lead you over the wine roads into the cradle of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.


Growing concern to protect the environment, no longer discard and avoid waste gave us the idea of re-using these fabulous machines often left sleeping in barns under layers of dust: the legendary Solex. Very economical, very clean and such fun! Wafting along the country lanes on these great machines, travelling at a maximum of 30 km/h we offer tours which are out-of-the-ordinary, allowing the older generation to rediscover their youth, and youngsters of today to discover a bygone age! Among friends, with the family, colleagues, romance, the Solex bike is suitable for all sorts of excursions…just one rule – have fun! From age 14 with BSR (road safety certificate).


Go Côté Saône is an agency but also much more : we have a loyal team of independent guide-lecturers, each passionate about their subject and inspiring, offering a wide range of expertise.

We are working with farmers, wine-producers, private owners of historic monuments, coach companies… with whom we are close and are collaborating since many year



71240 Etrigny – FRANCE

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Cell phone Cecilia : +33 (0) 6 62 85 58 14
Cell phone Sarah : +33 (0) 6 16 22 87 37


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